Jessica Harp & Jason Mowery: Something old, something new

We wanted to try something new at Jessica & Jason’s wedding.  We brought a 5th camera with us, specifically for shooting a new style of slideshow–or should I say, an old style motion picture?  This is not what we presented to Jessica and Jason for their wedding images, so everyone gets a surprise today!

Please be patient and let this load at least 1/4 of the way before you push play!

Now, experience McLellan Vintage Cinema!

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  1. Hollywood Who? Never heard of ’em. I’m fresh out of adjectives.
    Very interested to see what’s on the other side of the Universe, now that you have been to the edge. I must say a silent prayer for other photographers. How do they cope with being “lapped” on a daily basis? Suggestion is to TM…McLellan Vintage Cinema. Not only are photographers in trouble, I’m concerned about the neighborhood movie theaters. Got popcorn?

  2. That was so great! I’m sure I can speak for other photographers when I say that I had a “Crap! Why didn’t I think of that!” moment.

    Great job!


  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Your blog continuously takes my breath away. I LOVE this. If that was me I think I’d be hyperventilating from pure joy right now. So, yeah, great job.

  4. H O L Y C O W ! I have often thought about making a slideshow of all the day’s images while scrolling through them in lightroom but NEVER would have expected anyone to execute something like this. So unique, great work.

  5. a 5th camera!?! You guys are like camera wranglers now. What an awesome slideshow. Well done and well worth all the work you put into it. Love it! PS: Sean you and Jason could totally be long lost cousins or something.

  6. such a creative idea. seriously – if it hasn’t been done before, it will be done by you guys (and then I’m sure copied by countless others). way to rock this!

  7. Sean and Mel…you guys are so talented and blended so nicely into our intament family setting. Thanks again for all the special photo reminders. MOM

  8. Amazing work! I’m Jessica’s Aunt Sandy. This looks Great! I have to agree with Carla. You guys were also super nice. Thanks!

  9. This is just amazing! The music matched it perfectly! And it really tugged on your heartstrings- I found myself tearing up by the end of the slideshow… Really fantastic though!

  10. WOW you guys! We are blown away by the response this has received! Looks like we’ll have to start doing more of this…Thanks for commenting!!

  11. I’ve never seen your studio’s work before, but just love Jessica Harp as a singer and another local Kansas City native. But this was absolutely beautiful and a fantastic way to show the wedding. It makes you feel almost like you were there too, but without the big, fat photo album. GREAT JOB!!! And they are geniuses for having you guys do their wedding.

  12. Now that was just too dog gone cute! Have a happy life. Grow together. Have cute kids and video their weddings. ;-)

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