Franklin Family Photography – The Fraziers

As our lives keep moving forward, I count myself so blessed to have old friends in my life and to be able to watch their families grow.  Sharon and Brian’s newest addition is now a little over 6 months old and he’s all smiles and easy-going nature.  His big sister is turning into more of a little lady every day and does she ever adore him! Watching them together, I can’t wait for Seven’s little sibling to get here! =o)

5 Responses to Franklin Family Photography – The Fraziers

  1. I always come here when I want to get a glimpse of what is really important. You take away the stress of what is going on, ‘out there.’ I love this family. Thank you Sean and Mel for giving us these images of what really matters.

  2. Mel… I love them! Thanks so much. I’m so glad Georgia wasn’t terrified of the big black box. They look great! Thanks again! Love ya!

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