A Room For Three: The Kids’ Bedroom Makeover

Written by Mel McLellan

For far too long we have been promising Seven bunk beds. The problem is, as with so many of our ideas, our concept of “bunk beds” was a bit on the grand side. This meant complicated and time consuming and lots of moving pieces.

You see, we didn’t really mean “bunk beds.” We meant “built in loft bed with a clubhouse and stairs,” which would entail a custom build. It would also mean ripping up the old carpet the house came with and replacing it with a yet-to-be determined flooring choice. Oh and you know — time — between jobs and other house projects and trips and such. No big deal right?

So those bunk bed plans sat for quite some time. Then we had the big disastrous leak of Thanksgiving 2015 happen and that set a lot of “someday” plans into motion.


Exploring Northern Alabama Part 2: Dismals Canyon

Written by Mel McLellan

Picking up from Part 1 of our Northern Alabama road trip

Does anyone else have a bunch of random screen captures on their phones of amazing places to visit that pop up in their Facebook and Instagram feeds? Mine is littered with them.

Somewhere along the way I was scrolling through Facebook when a random Buzzfeed article popped up talking about a place in Alabama that looked like it was straight out of Lord of the Rings. My interest was officially piqued.


Exploring Northern Alabama with Kids Part 1: The US Space and Rocket Center

Written by Mel McLellan

We like to get out for adventures with the kids often. Sometimes that means a month-long excursion, but other times just a few days will do. When thinking about travel plans with little ones, it doesn’t have to be a “go big or go home” sort of thing.

Last month we took a few days and traveled down to Northern Alabama.

The US Space and Rocket Center is there, and just down the road is Dismals Canyon, which is heralded as the only place in Alabama that looks like it’s straight out of Lord of the Rings. Spring was approaching and the RV was crying out from the back yard for a road trip. We couldn’t think of a better time or reason to shake off the cobwebs and take her for a spin, not that you ever really need a great reason to get us our for an RV trip.

Plans were set into motion.

We planned for one day of space exploration, and one day of hiking in Middle Earth.