Wow! We have been so tied up that it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these! There are so many that I don’t even know where to begin so maybe we can catch up in the coming weeks. As you may already know, my childhood friend Danielle married a great guy named John back in March. (Where has the year gone???) They are awesome together and that alone makes theirs a great feature wedding for our blog!

Getting Ready – it’s always so great to have window light to work with! This should happen more often!

The lovely bride

The handsome groom

The bridesmaids were so giggly and fun and the color of their dresses was just awesome to photograph! I love this one – Danielle’s sister is just the cutest! :)

We always like a cut-up group of guys…

Also in the running for title of “the cutest” is John’s mom. Isn’t she adorable?

Danielle had Scarritt Bennett picked out the moment they knew they were headed in the direction of marriage. :) It was a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

It was all tears of joy the entire time

Husband and Wife! :)

Danielle has the greatest expressions. :)

Playing with some textures and vintage finishes…

This is one of my favorites…

The reception…

Don’t you think it’s funny how know one ever thinks they know how to cut a wedding cake? If it were any other kind of cake you would just dig in but the wedding cake is always such a daunting task! haha! :) The beauty of square cakes – just lop off a corner!

The father’s gave very touching speeches. John’s dad recounted all of John’s adventurous days that made him so glad he has married a nurse!

They also said some really sweet things. You can’t have speeches where no one cries!

First dance…

And away!

Hope you enjoyed them! We’d love to hear what you think! Now we’re off to Brittney and David’s wedding. More to come soon! :)

– Mel

Congratulations to Meredith and David! They have now been officially married for 4 days! :) They were wed on Sunday at First Presbyterian Church of Nashville with a great reception to follow at the Richland Country Club. Meredith and David are such a sweet couple and their families and friends are just as wonderful! We are so incredibly fortunate to have such great groups every week!

I’m going to make this short and sweet so that I can get some sleep tonight. Besides, let’s be honest – you just want to see the picture anyway! ;)

Thanks for sharing your day with us guys! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

– Mel

On Friday we had a wonderful session with the Grass family! We haven’t taken on much portrait work for lack of time to market the avenue so it was fun to work with kids for a change. Massey and Mia are such great kids! We ran around downtown Franklin for the beginning of the session, took a break for icecream, and then headed to a hilltop as the sun set.

I had to share an image from the hilltop because I just love the look of these! The chairs we used are family heirlooms so they incorporated two of my favorite things – furniture outside and something sentimental! :)

Janel, Kevin, Massey, and Mia (and Carter too!) – thanks for coming out to play with us! We enjoyed our time with your family and you’re going to love the results! :) See you soon!

– Mel