Running on Cobblestone in Stilettos

Who has a wedding party who is completely up for that (and let’s not forget, in freezing temperatures…)? Ruth and Frank!  This whole group was just so phenomenal!  We love our couples, but what makes our job even that much better is that they have amazing friends as well!  It was freezing in Brooklyn last weekend – spitting snow and windy – and not one person was anything short of completely fun as we ran around Dumbo after the ceremony.  Thank you all SO MUCH!

After talking with Ruth about their wedding, Sean and I were super excited to get to New York and meet her and Frank!  They are fun, comical, quirky, energetic creatives and their wedding was the perfect reflection of that.  I’m sure we’ll be sharing more from them in the future, but for now, check out this little sneak peek of images from our snowy Dumbo mayhem. :0)

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  1. You guys are amazing. You can’t even see the running noses! Thank you so much for making us look so much more glamorous than we really are.

  2. These are wonderful! I am very impressed with how they turned out–props to the photographers! Everyone I have shown loves them too!

    I’m excited to see the others–I 2nd that Zach, I’d like to see the picture of the groomsmen commandeering the caterpillar tractor..


    Coolest wedding ever.

  3. even if i twisted an ankle it would all be worth it for that amazing running photo! the others are awesome as well. serious props to the photographers, can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  4. Ummmm…wow. The one with the graffiti background is simply stunning. Where was this photographer when I got married???

  5. Wow… just wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! Oh my goodness the details of every beautiful little & big thing. A ton of love, time and effort was obviously put into this. I can’t even begin to imagine how you brough everything together so deliciously. You deserve parents & party planner of the year! And of course gorgeous coverage, I felt I could taste each morsel of food through your yummy photos! Happy 1st Birthday to your little 7!

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