Babyhood Fading

On Babyhood Fading

Please excuse me. I’m having a moment.

You see, I’m watching his baby-ness fade before my very eyes. He still has a lot of baby left right now, but I’m seeing glimpses of the toddler peeking through. The baby in him is beginning to slip away and he’s becoming a little boy.

Babyhood – that time when you child is really and truly all baby and not even a little bit of a toddler yet – it’s just so terribly fleeting.

That’s been ok up until now because we knew there would be more babies. But this time, as my baby boy becomes my toddler, the baby-ness is leaving our house forever and — (deep breaths…stifle ugly cry) – I just don’t even want to think about it. I need time to slow the ever-loving-daylights down. Because it’s not just babyhood we’re leaving behind. This marks the beginning of the end of our house being full of really little people.

Ugh. (deep breath in…resist the ugly cry, again) Continue Reading

The Definitive Guide to Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

The Definitive Guide to Creating a Wedding Day Timeline For Photographers

Wedding days are busy for photographers — I mean pretty much the entire time we’re there. We bounce from photojournalism to portraits to details and back to photojournalism and then back to details again in a non-stop fashion. Our couples have lists of people who are important to them, moments that are crucial and decor/mementos that they never want to forget. They’re expecting us to remember all of those things and get photos of ALLLLL of it.

The way you prepare will make all the difference, not only in how well you do all of the above, but also how you feel on the wedding day while you do all of the above. Your printed wedding day schedule (or a digital copy on your phone if you’re like Sean and don’t want to keep up with paper. Whatever.) is your key to success.

Over the years I’ve tweaked and honed our wedding day schedules as we’ve figured out what works best for us. You’ll do the same as you continue on in your career, but today, I can help you get a jumpstart on things. Continue Reading

Our East Coast Road Trip/Camping Extravaganza with Toddlers

Our East Coast Road Trip/Camping Extravaganza with Toddlers

As we gear up for our cross-country road trip to the west next month, it got me thinking about our last big road trip back in 2014 (pregnancy really cramped our style in 2015). We piled the then 3 kids into the car, hitched the pop-up camper to the back and hit the road for an undetermined amount of time. We drove up along the East Coast to New Hampshire and back over the course of 3 weeks and it was amazing trip! We saw and did so much and the kids had a blast. Looking at the photos now, I can’t believe how little they were! Why does time have to go so fast??

I thought I’d share the details here in case you’d also like to plan a trip eastward with your family. There is certainly lots to do and with a little planning (because let’s be honest, I don’t do a lot of planning, like…ever) you can make being on the road with a bunch of toddlers a fun experience for everyone. :) Continue Reading