Fall Mini-Sessions!

My favorite time of year is right around the corner and that means MINI SESSIONS! I truly love these. It’s so much fun for me to get to see your beautiful families and share our gorgeous land with you. :)

Last year, due to having a new baby, I spread the sessions out rather than cramming all of them into 2 days and you know what? I really liked it, so we’re doing that again this year. Details below!

Dates: Mini-sessions will be available Tuesday-Thursday in the month of October. If you need a weekend date, I’ll be opening up time slots on Sunday, October 19th.

Pricing: A 20 minute session and 10 high res files is $500. However, all previous clients get their session for $250 because we just really want to see you again. :)

This year we’re trying something new: if you book your session in the first week (September 12th-19th) new clients can also get their session for $250 and everyone (old and new) will get their session extended to 30 minutes and 15 files.

To book, use this link and please feel free to contact me at mel@mclellanstyle.com with any questions.

I can’t wait! :)

– Mel







Charlotte and Menno’s New York Island Wedding

We were first introduced to Fishers Island when we came in for Charlotte’s sister and brother-in-law, Annie and Drew, to photograph their wedding a few years back. We became quite taken with the little island and the people on it — especially Charlotte and Annie’s wonderful family — so we were so happy when we were asked to come for a repeat visit!

Fishers is a tiny island town off the coast of New York. Most of the residents of Fishers have been spending their summers there for generations so it’s a tightly knit community of old friends, family and lots of memories. When someone gets married on Fishers, everyone opens their homes to take in the guests. Everything and everyone comes in by ferry on carefully orchestrated schedules. It’s all really quite the elaborate feat, but Fishers is very special.

Charlotte and Menno’s guests made the journey to Fishers from all over the world, which says a lot about how special they are, too. They are driven and ambitious, while at the same time being warm and personable. Their wedding day was the perfect tribute to their personalities and full of so much laughter and fun. Charlotte said that the thing she was looking forward to the most about their wedding was having her grandfather see their old family home all lit up for a party again and being enjoyed by so many. I think you’ll agree just based on the photos below that her mission was accomplished, but seemingly accomplishing what she sets out to do is nothing new for Charlotte. :)

To Charlotte and Menno – thank you so much for inviting us in and letting us document your gorgeous wedding. We hope these will serve as a reminder of your beautiful love and all of the joy that surrounds your life together.



























Ever’s 1st Birthday

It’s hard to believe Ever’s 1st birthday has already come and gone. As much as time flies by all on its own, having children makes it fly that much faster and I think it gains speed exponentially with every child you add to the mix. Oh well. Time may be flying by at warp speed, but at least we’re having fun and have these wonderful little creatures to share it with.

When we found out we were pregnant with Ever, I was honestly scared. I wasn’t sure I could handle having three kids just yet and I was afraid life would be thrust into total chaos with her arrival. But it turns out that Ever was the perfect baby for us at this time in our life. She is easy-going and happy and just so wonderful. She earns her title of The Happiest Baby Ever. This past year has been our best yet and we’re enjoying our little family now more than ever before.

Now if you’ve been following along for any amount of time, you know that it is a requirement that McLellan 1st Birthdays be over the top. We established a precedent with Seven’s party that would be thereafter impossible to follow, but we aim to try. I was excited for Ever’s birthday party because it would be my first summer party to plan! My birthday is in December and the older two kids’ birthdays are in February so we’ve never done the summer thing. I envisioned a gigantic outdoor summer picnic-style party — something laid-back like our little lady and tons of fun for all of our favorite people. I think we pulled it off. The day filled me with so much joy and I hope Ever feels the same way when she looks back at these photos as she grows. She is certainly well-loved. :)

Many, many, many thanks to our friends the Cooks for taking such beautiful photos and video for us, and also to whoever else grabbed our camera throughout the evening. Thank you also to all of our wonderful friends and family who came to celebrate with us. We’re so grateful for all of you and it means so much to us to have you with us for our family’s milestones. You are all the best and we love you! :)











I’m not sure who came up with the 1-bite cupcake challenge, but it’s provided a pretty hilarious collection of images to add to Ever’s baby book. ;)


We ended the night with an outdoor movie and bonfire. Cake, ice-cream bar, s’mores…I may not know how to plan a reasonable amount of desserts.


Ever, my love…you bring so much light and laughter into our world. You remind us to smile in all circumstances and take delight in little things. We love you ever-so-endlessly! Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.


Your Mama


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